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PERTUAL, derived from the English word “PERPETUAL,” embodies the concept of perpetual motion, symbolizing dynamism. As an emerging high-end wheelset brand, we have redefined PERTUAL to represent “Pertual Power.”

With the increasing application of carbon fiber materials in high-end equipment, our founder has rooted himself in the carbon fiber bicycle industry for a remarkable 15 years. Aligned with the rapid development of carbon fiber products, we have served numerous world-class brands during this period, offering services such as product development and manufacturing. We bring the wealth of experience accumulated over the past 15 years to the forefront of our PERTUAL brand, aiming to provide cycling enthusiasts with exceptional and distinctive products.

PERTUAL wheelsets integrate product research and development, production, and sales into a seamless trio. Leveraging robust research capabilities, agile manufacturing processes, and diverse personalized customization services, we craft products tailored to meet individual customer needs. Additionally, with over 300 pre-sales and after-sales service stations nationwide, complemented by a dedicated after-sales service department, we are well-equipped to swiftly address any post-purchase issues.

Our commitment is clear: to stand out in the market by applying our accumulated expertise to deliver outstanding and unique products to cycling enthusiasts. The combination of technological innovation, quality manufacturing, and customer-focused services positions PERTUAL as a formidable player in the high-end wheelset market. We wish PERTUAL success in providing excellent products and services to cycling enthusiasts globally.

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