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PERTUAL Wheelset Warranty Terms

1. Warranty Terms Declaration Purchasing a product implies your agreement to be bound by all the terms of this warranty. To enhance your service experience, we recommend prompt product registration after acquiring PERTUAL Wheelsets. Ensure that registration information is accurate to comprehensively safeguard your rights.

2. Warranty Period and Coverage Understanding the warranty period and coverage aids in better grasping the warranty commitments.

  • Wheelset Main Components: A maximum warranty period of 5 years, including carbon fiber rims, spokes, hub shell, axle, and tower base. The initial 3 years constitute the standard warranty period, with an additional 2 years available upon registration. Unregistered products still enjoy the standard 3-year warranty.
  • Wheelset Accessories: A 1-year warranty covering stickers, decals, ratchet rings, valve, and quick releases, whether registered or not. Regular maintenance and replacement are required.
  • Start of Warranty Period: Successful registration considers the purchase date as displayed in the registration information. Unsuccessful registration considers the date of PERTUAL’s shipment to the distributor.

3. Warranty Commitment PERTUAL Wheelsets pledge that each product complies with stringent material and craftsmanship specifications. Within the specified warranty period, issues arising from material and craftsmanship problems will be addressed through repair or replacement services.

4. Warranty Exceptions The following situations are not covered by this warranty:

  • Damage resulting from installation or maintenance using non-standard tools.
  • Damage to wheelsets due to misuse, abuse, accidents, or negligence.
  • Damage caused by improper maintenance or use of aggressive chemicals.
  • Damage resulting from non-compliance with usage instructions.
  • Unauthorized processing, modification, or repair.
  • Normal wear of consumable products such as tubeless tire seals, brake pads, bearings, and steel spokes.
  • Products without a valid purchase record.
  • Counterfeit products, explicitly defined as unauthorized imitations.

5. Warranty Process When seeking warranty service, please contact an authorized dealer. Our official representatives will assist dealers in resolving issues, ensuring the provision of free repair, replacement of identical products, or upgrade options.

6. Special Note Warranty terms may have slight differences from the legal regulations in your location. In specific cases, you may have additional rights under local laws.

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